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Lab Wheat Mill JMFD 70*30

Author:JY TECH  Time:2020-01-09 10:53:02

JMFD 70*



JMFD70 × 30 type LAB mill has unique eccentric sleeve rolling distance adjustment mechanism and transparent grinding roller end cover, Transparent round sieve cover, It is a precision Lab mill that can be seen throughout the entire process of adjustable rolling, grinding and sieving processes. The milling process is similar to the large industrial milling process, with less water loss, typically only 0.2%-0.4%.It is widely used in the laboratory for experimental milling of wheat samples, analysis of dough rheological properties, dough production experiments, etc., to evaluate the quality of wheat flour.

Advanced technology features

1. Eccentric sleeve rolling distance adjustment mechanism, each pair of grinding roller gap can be adjusted to extend the life cycle of the grinding roller to ensure long-term stable and consistent grinding effect

2. The end surface of the grinding roller is a transparent cover plate, and the grinding roller and the wheat residue are clearly visible during the grinding operation.

3. The cylinder screen is placed in a transparent sealing cover, and the screening process is clearly visible;

4. The double crank mechanism drives the cylinder screen to make the shifting rotation, and the screening effect is good;

5. High-efficiency four-roll continuous three-stage grinding structure, low moisture loss during grinding and high sample recovery rate;

6. The all-alloy grinding roller is quenched, has high hardness, wear resistance and long service life;

7. Roller replacement is convenient and quick;

8. High precision and easy to operate;

9. Patented product

Technical Parameters


Roller speed

Fast roller: 1200 r/min

Slow roller: 550 r/min

Power source


Or AC220V50Hz

Amount of grinding

0-100 g/min



Flour rate

60-70 %




≤0.7 %



Roller specifications

φ 70×30




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