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Electronic Absorption Analyzer

Author:JY TECH  Time:2020-01-09 10:51:10

Alveograph PV-T


Mix flour with a certain amount of salt water to make dough,supplant it to patch,fermantation in the thermostatic chamber.Under a certain pressure and flow rate of air,The patch is blown into a very thin bubble,Until it breaks.Alveorgaph records the bubble curve of the internal pressure change of the bubble during the entire bubble blowing process,Obtain dough performance indicators such as dough toughness, ductility and baking power.


Application field

Warehousing industry

Use Alveograph standards to ensure quality and wheat trade safety

Monitor wheat quality during the acquisition process

Grading wheat according to wheat use

Screening for worms


Baking industry

Monitor the consistency of flour

Test new formula

Control additive dosage


Flour industry

Optimized with wheat and flour

According to the use of flour,Accurately measure the optimum additive and the most suitable amount

Main features and advantages


1.System cooling: Built-in electric refrigeration,No external water cooling system required

2.Dough with water:Automatic precise water addition,Automatic and precise control of water temperature

Improver guidance Help users choose the most suitable additive,get the target bubble value;

3.Virtual storage flour:Simulate each product into a granary,And enter its corresponding price;

4.Four Matching: Automatically selects the proportion of up to 5 products,Reach the target bubble value

5.Traceability: monitor and analyze the product quality of a particular supplier or customer over a period of time

6.Patch bubble: Patch automatic positioning,automatic blowing,Measuring chamber temperature and humidity automatic control,Blowing down,More round bubbles,Closer to the optimal experimental state

7.Experimental method:New detection parameters:Pressure/tension,First Derivative,Automatic calculation display,”Baking force attenuation”,”relaxation”,”Comprehensive”(Combination of different experimental methods,such as “Standard bubble”+”relaxation”).The experiment has been preloaded into the software,Users can set their own experimental methods.Such as Change kneading flour strength and time.so Alveorgaph is able to predict more and analyze the performance what we want to know.

8.Meet multiple standards:The detection method meets the requirements of the standards GB/T14614.4, ISO5530-4, ICC121, AACC54-30.











Measuring range: wheat flour

Mixing knife speed:60±2RPM


Blowing air flow rate:96±2 L/h

Detection Indicator:P,L,W,G,P/L

Dough mixer operating temperature:24±0.2℃

Fermentation box operating temperature:25±0.2℃

The temperature control system adopts PLC control and has good temperature control effect.

Automatically analyze data and print test results,Data results are traceable

Grouped equipment:Mixer 1 set,Alveograph 1 set,Molding section 1 set,Refrigeration water bath 1 set,Burette 2,Computer 1 set,Constant temperature water bath 1 set,Data processing software 1 set.






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