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Mixing Analyzer

Author:JY TECH  Time:2020-01-09 10:49:55

 PM-T  Mixing Analyzer

Mixing Analyzer can not only analyze flour and all kinds of cereals and whole wheat flour, but also analyze dough samples obtained directly from the production line. The equipment is widely used: soft wheat, hard wheat, barley, rye, rice, corn, quinoa, cassava and so on.

Users can develop their own formulation of additives to evaluate the effects of additives (gluten, protease, emulsifier, lipase, cysteine and enzymes) and ingredients (salt and salt, sugar and lipid), as well as develop prediction models to evaluate the baking effect of flour-based food.



l Detection of wheat during grain harvest and identification of wheat phagocytosis by insects.

l Optimize wheat flour blending, determine the optimum additives and optimum amount, and evaluate the effect of damaged starch.

l Monitoring the consistency of stored flour.

l Detecting the rheological properties of flour rich in fibre and studying the formula of whole wheat flour.

l Optimize the quality of gluten-free products.


 Features and Advantages

1. Automatic setting of mixing bowl temperature, accurate and reliable.

2.  Alloy material, strong and durable, easy to clean.

3. Faster disassembly and assembly of water tank, more convenient, easier to clean.

4. Automatic water filling, high efficiency, more accurate to fill water.

5. All working conditions can be calibrated, with higher detection accuracy and simple operation of analysis software.

6. Dough Temperature Resistance Index:  A new indicator to evaluate dough temperature resistance.

7. New experimental protocols can be established, and the temperature and speed can be changed at the same time.

8. Powder blending function for theoretical prediction of mixing experimental curve.

9. Additive prediction function: Directly visualize the use effect of additives and the optimal amount of additives.

10. Prediction function: which automatically calculates results such as predicting bread volume based on the test results.

11. Automatic testing water absorption of flour, less than 8 minutes




Temperature range of mixing bowl: 0-90℃

Power Supply: 220VAC±10V50/60HZ

Temperature accuracy: ±0.5℃

Power: 1000W

Accuracy of automatic water filling: ±0.02mL

Weight: 100kg

Length × Width × Height: 920mm × 650mm × 600mm


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